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The name The Osbournes will probably mean different things to different people. Some might think of Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer with Black Sabbath. Some might think of Sharon Osbourne, sharp tongued TV personality and reality show judge. Younger people might think of Jack Osbourne and his adventure globe-trotting TV show, whilst others might think of the singer Kelly Osbourne. The family had a surge of prominence a few years ago when a reality show centred around them and their antics, and gave inspiration for this Microgaming video slot.

The Osbournes has 5 reels and 20 payines. The Osbournes logo is the Wild symbol, this substitutes for all other symbols to help create winning combinations, apart from the two Scatter symbols, Mini and the Knocker.

There are two Scatter symbols in The Osbournes, Mini – who is a family pet dog and not a car, and the Knocker. Each symbol has different rules attached to it; two or more Mini symbols will lead to a payout and these can be scattered anywhere on the reels, whereas the Knocker must have three symbols for a payout and one has to be on reel one. If you get three or more Mini symbols anywhere at all you’ll be able to enjoy Mini’s Free Spins Trail bonus game, and three or more Knocker symbols on adjacent reels, starting with one on reel one, will trigger the Knock Knock bonus game.

In Mini’s Free Spins Trail bonus game you’ll receive ten free spins, with all wins being doubled and all bets and paylines being the same as in the spin that triggered the bonus game. During this round there will be no payout for any Mini symbols and this bonus round cannot be triggered again. The Grab a Gift Bonus Feature and the Knock Knock bonus game also cannot be triggered. If you do get Mini symbols on reels two, three or four you’ll move Mini along a trail which leads to each member of the Osbourne family. If Mini reaches someone you’ll win a bonus prize, and the free spins will be reset to ten. At then end of each bonus level any unused spins will be multiplied by the total bet amount and are given as an extra bonus prize. Ozzy Osbourne is the last person on the trail, and if Mini reaches him then the bonus prize for any unused spins is doubled.

In the Knock Knock bonus game you choose a Knocker. They are all hiding random multiplier values, up to x 5. The Knocker you choose will reveal its prize and this will multiply your total bet amount.

There is also a Grab a Gift Bonus game which is randomly activated. In this you will see four gifts which each concealing a random bonus prize amount. The gifts will flash and you hit the Stop button to select a gift and reveal your prize. Jack’s gift can give you between x 6 to x 15, Kelly’s gift will give you between x 4 to x 20, Sharon will give you between x 3 to x 25, and Ozzy will give you between x 2 to x 30.

Osbournes slot game

The Osbournes are all famous people and so any game bearing their name will have to include them as symbols, which it does. Also spinning away you can see a microphone, an Emmy award, a photo frame, a guitar and a fancy game. This is a fabulous game to play; the Osbournes are a busy family as is the game, with its two scatter symbols and three different bonus games, giving lots of opportunities for a star payout!

The percentage payout for The Osbournes is 95.89%. You can play Osbourne Slots at Virgin Casino.

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