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What on Earth must have been conceived by someone with a love for outer space but with a healthy twist. We say this and when you see the game for yourself you’ll understand, as the symbols represent space but with a fruity twist, with planets made out of different fruits. There are spacecraft sound effects as well and some great bonus features to really make this Microgaming slot out of this world!

The What on Earth logo is the Wild symbol in this game. Unlike in the vast majority of other games it does not substitute for all other symbols but will only substitute for the Port Hole and the Console symbols.

There are three different Scatter symbols in What on Earth; the Rocket, Saucer and Shuttle. The Rocket symbol can appear on all reels whereas the Saucer and Shuttle symbols will only appear on reels three, four and five. In each case three Scatter symbols are needed for a winning payline. In addition if you get three or more Rocket, Saucer or Shuttle symbols displayed on adjacent reels you’ll be able to play the Beam ’em Up bonus game.

In the Beam ’em Up bonus game you select an alien who will beam up an earthling or object to win a particular multiplier value. Values vary from a flowerpot, which gives a x 3 multiplier, through to a girl about to shower who comes with a fantastic x 200 multiplier, and there are eleven different multipliers in-between. The value you win will multiply the number of coins bet to give a nice bonus. As you play the Beam ’em Up bonus game you can trigger a Destination Bonus game or a Beam ’em Up Contest bonus game.

The Destination Bonus game will be triggered if your alien beams up a globe on the Beam ’em Up bonus game. You’ll be presented with four different destinations, Cairo, New York, London and Tokyo, and have to select an alien who will beam up an earthling who will reveal your multiplier value. This will be applied to the number of coins bet in the spin that initiated the bonus round. Characters include the queen, a policeman, a burglar and a TV slob, but get lucky and you can win a x 400 multiplier.

When you play the Beam ’em Up bonus game, if you beam up a Contest symbol the Beam ’em Up Contest bonus game will be triggered. In this your alien will compete with other aliens in a competition to see who can beam up the most earthlings before the timer runs out, with a bonus prize awarded at the end of the game.

What on Earth slot game

The symbols in What on Earth include an asteroid, a watermelon planet, a cherry comet, orange Sun and plum Saturn. This is a fun game to play with fabulous bonus features, giving you the chance to really reach for the stars and grab a juicy jackpot.

The percentage payout for What on Earth is 95.98%. Play Here

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